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You face incredible opportunities, as well as choices and problems.
And, while this has been true for past generations, your challenges are often greater and carry with them more powerful consequences.

So where can you turn to find practical and effective tips? As well as resources?

Much of what you will discover here is taken from a new book, by a critically acclaimed author. The book is entitled, TEENS! Improve Your Life - Don't Overlook The Obvious.

It offers over 500 tips and suggestions for improving your life now and as you move into adulthood. The tips and suggestions are typically only 1 - 3 sentences in length. They're bottomlined because we feel that too often the points get lost in psychobabble or lengthy narrative.
You will discover that much of what is said appears to be 'obvious'. Well, that's because the obvious solutions and choices are often the best ones.

Now, no one size fits all, in shoes, or in life.
So, while what is suggested will work well for many of you, there is always the possibility that it might not work well for you. Or, in a particular situation, right now. But, down the road, it might prove to be a great option for you.

Therefore, do not blindly follow what is offered here.
This site is
not intended as a substitute for those of you who are in or in need of counseling or therapy.

Use common sense. Think about how these steps and ideas might fit into your specific circumstances. Get feedback from others, including family members.

Then, make your own decision & take responsibility for it.

And, may your journey into adulthood be a great one.



Now, more than ever, your teenager is confronted with scores of issues. Some of which we dealt with growing up. Many others are new, due to changes in societal norms, technology, religious viewpoints, the educational system, the economy, workforce conditions, TV, radio, movies, music, and of course, the Internet.

Deep down, we want the best for our children.
Yet, we don't always know what to say to them. Or, how to communicate our views and suggestions.
Listening to them is not always easy. Just as they often find hearing what we have to say to be a difficult task.

This site will often reflect what is in the new book, Teens! Improve Your Life - Don't Overlook The Obvious.

If there is a 'main theme' to the book, it is that many, if not most of life's dilemnas and problems can be boiled down to an essnce, wherein the solution is often found in 'The Obvious'.

Think about it. While we often dismiss the obvious solution for being too simplistic, is it not often at least the basis for what needs to be done? And, we live in a Twitter, Headline News society. One where psychobabble and lengthy prose is a turn-off, to many people.

Not everything in the book or this website will probably fit in with your ideas for your child or family. But think about this: Even within a religious denomination, political party, or business, there are always areas of disagreement. Yet, we still belong... Taking from the group what we feel comfortable with.
What is offered in the book and this website is simply a potpourri of information, suggestions, and tips. - No one has to follow them. And, what might seem appropriate today, might not tomorrow. And, the reverse is true.
If nothing else, what is offered here, might open the door for healthy discussions among you and your teenager. And, hopefully, your children will gain much needed insights and tips for their journey into adulthood.


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