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The Very Real Dangers Of Sexting

School is beginning for many of you.
Along with it will be many temptations.
Among the strongest will be that of sexting your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Promises will be made to not share them with others.
However, time and again, those promises will be broken. Whether because you break-up or the other person never intended to keep their word, or... The reason does not matter.
The humiliation. The ridicule. The bullying. The depression. Anxiety. All resulting from this choice.

Then, of course, there are the legal issues. Sexting is almost always considered to be child pornography. Those participating in it can, depending upon your jurisdiction, result in charges. And, having to register as a sex offender, for life.

So, think twice. Even three times before sexting. Any 'upside' to it that you imagine exists, is truly not worth it.

By the way... This applies to college students and other adults, as well. Don't believe that it doesn't! 

Challenge convention | Josh Valman | TEDxTeen

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Tourette's Syndrome

Learn about Tourette's Syndrome here at a National Institute of Health website.

We all know just how cruel people can be. So many times, verbal creulty comes out of ignorance.
Well, here is a brave girl willing to open herself to more ridicule than she has already endured, in an effort to educate others, like you. Please let this be 'worth it'.

I have tourette's syndrome.

And, finally, check out this video about a camp for those teens with Tourette's Syndrome.

Camp for Teens with Tourette's Syndrome

Easy, Tasty Vegan Recipes by Teen Vegan

Haile is a teen on a mission: Sharing healthy, vegan recipes which can be easy & tasty!
She has met celebrities and appeared on some national TV shows! Check out these 2 recipes.

If you have come up with a great, vegan recipe, than send it to admin@TeensImproveYourLife.com
If the recipe is used on this website, we will post your name with it.

Teen Vegan- Vietnamese Veggie Spring Rolls with a Ginger Tamari Sauce


Coffee Cocoa Pudding Recipe by The Teen Vegan


"Fractions" Graduation Speech, Clark Magnet High School 2015


Know This About STDs

Ugh! Who wants to read about STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)?
Well, those who don't want to get them and those who have them. Oh, and those who do not know what they are.

Well, first let me be blunt: You do not have to have intercourse in order to get an STD. And, that means oral and anal sex can make you one of the many (emphasis on the word 'many') teens who have an STD. By the way, a girl can get an STD even if the guy does not ejaculate. And, guys, well... You condoms help, but only so much... According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, those of you 15-24 years young, account for approximately 10 million new instances of STDs, each year. Think about that.             

Here's a quick quiz for you. How many of these STDs have you heard about or know much about? (And
myths that many of your friends believe and spread, don't count?) --- Chlamydia   --- Gonorrhea   --- Trichomoniasis   --- Genital Herpes   --- Bacterial Vaginosis   --- HPV Infection   --- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease    --- HIV   --- Syphilis
This website has information on these STDs/links for additional information.

'Average student' speech  --  a motivational for you all


These Are Some of Many Such Videos and Teen Deaths

Why show these? Because far too many teens die needlessly in auto accidents. - So, be safe.




Cinnamon Challenge WARNING!

Know this! That people have actually died or suffered lung problems as a result of this 'stunt'. Don't assume that you will be one of the 'lucky ones'.


Preparing for a Disney Teen Audition
Author: Richard Landy

Working for Disney as a teenager could be very lucrative. It also could be
your launching pad to a singing career or an acting career in Hollywood.
However, thousands of other teens out there want to be discovered by Disney.
How do you ensure that you stand out from the crowd and get selected at an audition?
Here are a few things you could do to prepare for your audition.

The first thing you need to do is enroll in acting classes. This will ensure that your
talent is being honed in and your skill is being cultivated. If your parents find it too
expensive to pay for your acting classes, you should consider getting a part time job
after school that could pay for the same. If these classes cost more than you could ever
earn in a week or a month, do not give up. Ensure that you join the drama club in your
school. Taking part in school plays will give some experience on performing. Also,
let your drama teacher know your aspirations to work for Disney channel. If they
see how serious you are, they could offer to coach you after school hours to make you
a better actor.

The second thing you will need to do is get some headshots. Headshots comprise of
several pictures of you that display you in your best form. Ideally, they should be taken
by a professional photographer. You could ask your parents to pay for this, but if they
cannot afford it, there are other options. You could get one of your friends who is good
with a digital camera take the pictures for you. All you will need is a background painted
in on solid color. If you cannot get a plain white wall, you could consider having a white
sheet draped behind you for the background. You will then need a close up shot of your
face and a full-length body shot. Do not be overly concerned about applying makeup.
These headshots are just so that the casting directors can remember you from the
audition. If you get the role, you will probably get better headshots done for you by Disney

The third thing you would have to consider is getting an agent for yourself. You will need
parental consent for this, as your parents will have to meet and approve your agent. Some
agents charge a fee to be retained and this would not be your best option if you have no
income. Instead, you should look for agents that will work on a commission basis. You
may find the percentage they charge quite high but if they do their job right, they will get
you into as many Disney auditions as possible bringing you closer to your dream. Make
sure you do a lot of research before selecting your agent. Some people out there masquerade
as agents just to take advantage of naive teenagers. You should ensure you have seen all their
credential and possibly have met a few of their clients before settling on one.

Looking for tips and information regarding disney channel auditions? You can join our site to
search thousands of opportunities and tips on  Prepare for your Disney Channel Auditions

Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_2130123_36.html
About the Author:  

Your actions have very real consequences

Perhaps ypour parents or another family member or boy or girlfriend has abused you. (If so, please report it. You don't deserve it. Regardless, you must take responsibility for your actions. When you bully or berate another teen, it can be as if you slashed them with a knife. And, worse, it can lead to their very real and permanent death.

Too often, teens commit suicide after enduring so much taunting and bullying and urgings to take their own life.

Your actions have very real and very often, permanent consequences. Think about that.
Some of you... Behave as though your words have no impact upon others. But, they do. They do.

Spring Break Advice

Plenty of teens will be going on Spring Break. It's a 'rite of passage' for some and simply a way to blow off steam for others. While having some fun is grat, there are some inherent and often overlooked 'dangers' to be aware of. here is a partial list:

#1 Keep valuables locked in the hotel/motel's safe and not in your luggage or room. It's far too easy for staff or acquaintences to steal.

#2 Never leave your drink down unattended & unwatched. It only takes seconds for someone to slip a ruffi into your drink. If you accidentally do leave the drink down, then simply order another oe. That's a lot less expensive than the lesson that could be given you.

#3 Not everyone is sincere. Pleny of players (both genders) are on the prowl for a quick orgasm without any strings attached.

#4 Venereal diseases are a very common 'souvenir' that guys and gals take home with them. If you do have sex, use condoms. Practice other means of 'safe sex'.

#5 When you drink as many of you will do, regardless of your age, at least try to remain sober. And if you drove to your destination, take a cab back to your room or let a friend who is sober drive you.

#6 Don't flash money around. Pick pockets are rampant at these destinations.

#7 Don't let a stranger borrow your phone. It's a quick way to lose it, if you know what I mean. You can, instead, offer to dial a number for them and give the call's recipient a message.

#8 If you see someone being harrassed or stalked, do them a favor and call 911.

#9 Far too many drugs are laced with toxic substances or could interact with any meds that you are taking. Have some drug-free fun.

#10 Have a great time!


You might have watched the show Everybody Loves Raymond on TV Land, Nick At Night, or on another network. - The 3 Barone children were in fact, actual siblings. And, many of us watched them grow up during the series' long run.

Well, Sawyer Sweeten, one of the twin boys, weeks shy of his 20th birthday, killed himself.
Why Sawyer chose to end his life is a mystery to us. But, the reality is that I wish he could have known that life does go through phases and that life does get better. That there is always someone else who hurts more than you do and needs to see you as an inspiration. That suicide is not the answer and it leaves great, everlasting pain to those who love you.

Most everyone has felt hopeless, alone, unloved, or desperate at one or more times in their life. Bullied or sick or heartbroken or rejected. Taunted and teased and ugly, stupid, or simply unloved. Some of us have been depressed or full of anger for which we had no 'safe' outlet to express it. We might have cried ourselves to sleep, only to awaken in the morning with the same or worse sadness and pain in our mind, heart, and soul. Perhaps we felt abandoned by G_d and family and friends. Speaking of friends, they might have betrayed us or we at least believed that they did so. Embarassment over our looks or awkwardness at our lack of physical or intellectual prowess... Abused by family or strangers, too ashamed or scared to let someone in authority know... Tired of being afraid of the bullies at school, in your neighborhood, or at home... Doubting that you will ever 'succeed at life', whatever that means... Drugs or alcohol might have taken a stranglehold on you and you feel helpless and ashamed and scared... Speaking of 'scared', you might have had sex too soon and been dumped by the person who promised to always love you, especially if you satisfied the hunger of hormones raging in them, you, or both of you. You might be pregnant or had an abortion or be the father of another's child. An authority figure might have taken advantage of their position of trust and made you (falsely) believe that no one would believe you if you spoke of it. You have been on a streak of 'bad luck', to put it mildly, for such a long time. You dropped out of school and are afraid of what choices you will have to 'make it in life'. Illness might have taken a toll on you. You are gay, or bi-sexual, or feel that you are not the gender that others see you as being... Social media has taken a far too great a role in your life. And the strangers whom you call 'Friends', you discover are truly not that. Or...

Regardless of any of the above or other problems that you face, please... Please... Do not give up on yourself!!
There are resources to help see you through this period, even if family, school, or church, is not the answer or comfortable for you to share these issues with.

And if you know of someone who is hurting, please share the following resources (and these are but a few of those available) with them/let a responsible adult know.

Teen Health And Wellness

Samaritans, USA

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) National Help Center

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network Hotline

Alcoholics Anonymous (help for Teens)

Narcotics Anonymous

The Trevor Project

Send us your ideas for articles or resources.
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