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How to Read Faster - Eliminate Subvocalization

NOTE: This is a free lesson from http://www.7speedreading.com - We are not endorsing or criticizing the company or it's services. - We do see some merit in the content of the following free lesson. If it makes sense to you, then try it out.


The following is from the media-acclaimed book,
Teens! Improve Your Life - Don't Overlook the Obvious

From time to time, we feature something from that book. Consider what it says, it's possible meanings, and decide whether or not it applies to you.

Everyone gets dumped
By someone whom
They care deeply for or love.
But, another special someone
Is somewhere out there,
Hoping to discover you.

Leaders Eat Last
Simon Sinek


Avoid the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge!

It's effects can be devastating and long lasting! Seriously. Don't do it!!

Check out this article.


Teen author lands big book deal


Massive Open Online Courses

These free, online courses are offered in 1,000's of topics. Offered largely by institutions of higher education, including the likes of MIT.
Learn a bit about them from the videos below. Then, Google 'MOOC'.
It might be something that will lead to great and positive changes in your life!

What is a MOOC?
By Dave Cormier


Success in a MOOC
By Dave Cormier


An Era Has Ended:

Not since the 80's when NBC dared to introduce a show about a high school for the performing arts, showcasing in an often dramatic fashion, the lives of teens, has a show centered and inspired as well as Fame. That is, until, Glee. (Which did much of the same, but with a wonderfully inventive comedic-drama style.)

began during a time when many schools decided to cut their Arts programs not realizing just how important they are. And, they are!
Not afraid to tackle issues ranging from pre-marital sex and pregnancy, to wanting to be a virgin, to the many abilities of those mis-labeled as 'disabled. From showing that one can still be 'macho' and a jock while being sensitive and embracing the arts. That not only sports and academics matter, but the arts, as well. To the horrors of drugs and alcohol. (Things that in reality resulted in one of the show's young star's death.)

Topics such as bullying, being gay, living in abject poverty, the fears of losing a parent to a health condition. To blended families. To grown-ups often behaving badly and childish. To teens behaving more maturely than the adults who are supposed to be their role models. To religious issues. The often mixed-up media. Politics. The incredible sacrifices one makes to reach for their dreams. For a coming to terms with who you are inside. To accepting and loving oneself.

Glee is truly an inspiration. And, I hope that it has inspired you.
If you never saw it or much of it, then watch it online or on DVD or in syndication.

'Nuff said!


Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning -- The Doctors


Young Heroin Addict Speaks Out


The following is from the media-acclaimed book,
Teens! Improve Your Life - Don't Overlook the Obvious

From time to time, we feature something from that book.
Consider what it says, it's possible meanings, and decide whether or not it applies to you.

Excusing their addiction
Might be your excuse
For not confronting
Your own problem behaviors.

Oscars 2015: Graham Moore Tells Kids to
'Stay Weird, Stay Different'

This is a very surprising, powerful, and inspiring message.


Everyone has something special to offer... Has a special gift!
Perhaps you already know what your talent/gift is.
If not, give it time. You have one! (Or, more... )

Autistic Teen Makes 1,000 Free Throw

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