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This book has been the subject of many talk show interviews!

Russ Irving is also available for speaking engagements. 
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Are you a teen who loves books, movies, or TV shows?
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We all own a piece of the bullying problem

That is the name of an article that Russ wrote on behalf of a multi-state newspaper, Common Ground News.
It had been chosen as a Guest Blog on the State of RI's General Assembly website, StopBullyingRI.com.

THIS SITE HOPES to be something a bit different than other sites, and one that you come to, often.
It's not a social networking site. Other site do that job, quite well.
We're not a star-studded gossip site. We're not a sports-center.

We hope to do what we believe we do best:
Provide you with some great tips and strategies toward having a great life.
And, providing links to resources or videos that we believe might be of interest for you.

We hope to update and add new material, often.
So keep coming back. And, spread the word to your friends.
Because you are not 'in it' (life) alone. And, yes, even adults care about you!

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